Guidelines for listing items for sale

Guidelines for listing items for sale

SNKRDUNK has guidelines for each item category in order to ensure that sellers and buyers can list and purchase items safely and securely.

Items that violate our guidelines or the rules listed in the related articles may be cancelled even if a transaction has started.
Also, cancellation fees (10% of the price) will be charged if the transaction is cancelled.
We ask that all users confirm each of the following statements and use the our service in accordance with all rules and guidelines.

Steps for listing an item ~ completing the transaction
・Complete account information registration (email address, phone number, address, etc.)
・List an item from the related item page or from the "+" button at the bottom center of the app screen
・Select “Brand-new” or “Used” category and enter listing information (size, shipping deadline, selling price, etc.) to complete the listing
・Wait for the item to be sold *A notification will be sent to you when the item is sold and the transaction starts
・Arrange the shipment of the item and receive sales proceeds

Guidelines and rules for listing items
We have rules for each item categories, as the points of authentication and inspection vary depending on the items.
All users are required to read the guidelines for the relevant items categories.

【About listing information】
Please select all listing information correctly, including item size/style code, condition.
For “Used” item listings, it is required for an "Item Condition" to be selected and to provide item pictures and supplementary information.

Precautions about quality (item condition)
Listings on SNKRDUNK are categorized in two main categories: "Brand-new" and "Used".
In addition, the guideline standards for quality (item condition) vary depending on the listing method and item category.
Please list your items in the item category that matches the quality of your items.

【Foreign Substance Contamination Handling】
If a foreign substance is found to be included with the item, the transaction will be canceled and the item will be returned to the seller, regardless of the authentication results.

【If an item does not meet the guideline standards after the start of a transaction】
If the item is determined to not meet SNKRDUNK’s guideline standards during authentication and inspection, we will confirm with the buyer whether or not the transaction can continue.
If the transaction is cancelled, we will return the item(s) with prepaid shipping (i.e. shipping costs to be borne by SNKRDUNK).
Fixtures (packing materials, certificates of authenticity, etc.) discarded during processing operations at the SNKRDUNK Authentication Center cannot be returned. Also, we do not accept compensation requests.

Please note that SNKRDUNK reserves the right to cancel transactions immediately for any of the following items at its discretion.
In such cases, the item(s) will be returned by cash on delivery (shipping costs to be borne by the seller).
・Items that clearly do not meet the guideline standards;
・Items that differ from the contents of the transaction, such as wrong size, wrong model number, etc.;
・Products prohibited from being listed;
・Products contaminated with foreign substances.

Precautions about Listings
【About the size of the items】
Please list your item based on the official sizes provided by the manufacturer.
For items with multiple size designations or collaborative items, the standard size used for inspection differs depending on common sales channels (Japan or outside of Japan).

【Availability of pages for each size standard for items with different size standards depending on the region】
There may exist separate product pages depending on the Japanese, European, American, and Asian size standards.
If the item pages are separated by size standards, please list the item from the item page of the correct standard for your item.
Sellers are allowed to list items that do not have separate item pages, regardless of the item size standards.

【For brands and items not yet registered on SNKRDUNK】
If your item is not registered on SNKRDUNK, we kindly ask you to refrain from listing it, as we may not be able to authenticate unregistered brands/items.
SNKRDUNK will immediately delete any relevant items as soon as they are confirmed.
In the unlikely event that a transaction is completed, the transaction will be cancelled and the item will be returned by cash-on-delivery shipping (i.e. shipping fees to be borne by the seller).
However, we are constantly updating the brands and items we handle based on requests from users.
Please kindly note that you can request the addition of a specific item to our product directory by filling out the form linked below:

【Relisting a held item】
Please submit your item(s) as brand-new, using the normal procedure.

Precautions about accessories
【Invoices, receipts, etc.】
Fixtures that contain even the slightest amount of personal information, such as invoices (delivery slips) or receipts, are originally not considered an accessory.
However, due to the nature of our service, some buyers request that the item be included as proof of sale. For this reason, for used items only, if such an item is included in the listing information, it will be treated as an accessory.
*Excluding some items
*Invoices (delivery receipts) from other authentication companies are not included in what are considered accessories.

Rest assured that, should invoices, receipts and similar be included as accessories, we will destroy the parts that contain personal information at the time of inspection.
*If a transaction is cancelled during inspection (start of the authentication) or thereafter, there is the possibility that any of the above-mentioned fixtures, if included, may already have been discarded at the time of return arrangements.

【Handling of fixtures that are not included in the primary distribution channel, such as certificates of authenticity】
The following items are not considered as accessories for a transaction and will be discarded during the authentication process:
・SNKRDUNK Authentication Badge or Sticker
・Badges, tags, certificates, delivery receipts from third-party authentication companies
・Store bags, store stickers and patches

*Depending on the retail channel, there is the possibility that the items listed above may or may not be handled as required accessories, and for this reason they are excluded from the scope of required accessories in all listings.

Due to the likelihood of the above occurrences, stickers and other items that are included with a particular product are also excluded from the scope of required accessories, and for this reason items may be listed regardless of whether such accessories are included or not, and regardless of their condition.
However, if they are included with the item, the item will be shipped to the buyer as is.

Please note that if the above items are included in the used listing information, they will be treated as required accessories.

When you do not find the product page you want
Please kindly try searching by brand name, model number, item name, and other informations in the search bar displayed at the top of the app.

If you have any questions about how to select an item for sale (brand-new or used), or if you have any concerns about the item pages of the items you are selling, please feel free to contact us.
We also ask that you include images and item information that confirm the condition of the item.

*Please note that this is only a support for the listing of the item and does not guarantee that the item will pass the authentication process.

Disruptive, Prohibited Behaviors
SNKRDUNK is committed to eliminating the distribution of counterfeit products.
A violation fee (50% of the total sales price) will be charged for highly malicious sales, such as items that are judged to be counterfeit or items that have been previously identified as counterfeit (or banned) and then re-listed.

Also, if we detect any disruptive behavior that interferes with the use of other customers, we will delete all listings and place restrictions on the account responsible for such behaviors.

【Prohibited Items】
The following items are prohibited and cannot be listed in any category.
・Items that are suspected of being counterfeits
・Items that are not handled on SNKRDUNK (items with different style codes than of the items listed)
・Store bags, store stickers and patches ※Not handled even as accessories
・Item with autographs or handwritten illustrations on them
・Novelty goods and other not-for-sale items

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