Sneakers Guidelines

Sneakers Guidelines

Listings on SNKRDUNK are categorized in two main categories: "Brand-new" and "Used".

Also, the guideline standards for item quality vary depending on the listing method and item categories.
Please list your items in the item categories according to the quality of your items.

In addition, for eligible items, please list them according to the rules stated below:

Conditions for listing sneakers
Brand-new and complete items should be listed as brand-new, and other items should be listed as used.

Please list your item(s) in a condition that meets all of the following.
If any of the following are not applied, please list the item in the “Used” category.
・The item must be new and unused (test fitting in the store at the time of purchase is acceptable).
・The shoe box, the items itself, and the accessories must be clean and undamaged.
・The shoe box and all accessories must be present.
・The bags for the accessories may be included or not.
・When an item is available in both Asian and US/European sizes, and EP model sizing each types of sizes will not be listed separately due to SNKRDUNK being a platform for private transactions.

With the exception of prohibited items, all items from unused to heavily worn items may be listed.
For used items, you are required to select from six levels of " Item Condition", and provide a picture of the item and additional information to complement the details of the item.

Please refer to the table below to select the "Item Condition".
*The standards for authentication and inspection differ depending on the information listed above.
*Please refer to our Damaged Box Guidelines, and Quality Guidelines for Used Sneakers, for more detail.

Rules for Listings
Please select the correct information for name/style code of the item(s), size, and condition of the item(s).
Also, comments on used listings are considered part of the listing information and will be taken into account when inspecting the item, because they are part of the information that will be used as reference by buyers when considering the purchase of a used item.
*Deleted comments, as well as undeleted comments, may have already been viewed by the buyer and will be taken into

consideration during the authentication and inspection process.
Incorrect listing information may result in cancellation of the transaction and a cancellation fee (10% of the price) may be charged.
Please also refer to the following page for details on the rules and information for all items to be listed for sale.

【NIKE By You】
NIKE By You has a separate item page for each style code.
Please list the item as a used item on the proper item page. For more information.

【Items requiring special size (other than 0.5cm intervals)】
All sneakers handled by SNKRDUNK are sized in 0.5 cm intervals.
For items that were released in a sizing that does not follow the 0.5 cm increments system, in the following sizes, please re-size them to the sizes handled on our platform when listing them.

For the sneakers below, we have dedicated size charts for handling sneakers that are available in special sizing (other than 0.5 cm increments)
Make sure to check the sizing handled by SNKRDUNK before listing your items.
・Atlantic Stars(EU)

*We do not handle New Balance items classification by width sizing.

【RTFKT×NIKE Collaboration items】
Due to inconsistencies in the sizes of the sneakers themselves and the T-shirts that come with them at the time of primary distribution, all RTFKT x NIKE collaboration items are to be listed as “Used”.
If a T-shirt is included as an accessory, make sure to include the size of the T-shirt in the supplemental description of the listing.
*Check the RTFKT Official Website for information on the relevant items.

【EP Models】
EP (Engineered Performance) models can be listed on the regular item page.
Please note that we do not have a separate item page for EP models.

【Luxury brand items】
Luxury brand items may have different style codes even for the same model, depending on the size. Only the style code for one size is listed on the product page.
If there are multiple style codes for a specific model, other style codes (sizes) can be listed on the product page as “brand-new”.
Please select the size from the product page that matches the item model in your possession when listing your item.

In addition, some listing rules other than the above may be different for luxury items. Please understand this in advance.
*Regarding luxury brand items on SNKRDUNK, you can check them by tapping the “+” button at the bottom center of the app screen and then tapping “ハイブランド商品を出品” (“List Luxury Items”).
*Collaboration items with luxury brands also fall within this scope.

【If you are listing a used item without shoe box】
Items that do not have a "必須" mark on the upper right corner of the image on the listing page may be listed even if the box is missing.
For items marked "必須," a box that matches the size and style code of the sneaker must be included.
If there is no matching box, you cannot list the item, even if it is “Used” categories.

If you select "箱あり" and the matching box is missing, the transaction may be canceled.
In these cases, we will send the item(s) back to you by cash on delivery.

Handling of Accessories
The conditions for what is included with an item vary depending on whether the category in which the item is listed is “Brand-new” or “Used”.
Please list your item from the method of fulfilling the eligible accessories listed below.
*There are some accessories that are required or not required depending on the sales channel or item it self.

【Required accessories】
・Shoe Box
・Accessories that come from the primary distribution channels (Not including accessories listed in “Not required accessories”).
・Tissue paper with special printing or special design
・Plastic shoe trees

【Not required accessories】
・Manufacturer tags (such as black tags)
・Plain tissue papers
・Paper shoe trees
・Delivery slips, receipts, and other similar documents
・Accessories that vary depending on the primary distribution channel, such as stickers, store bags, patches (including novelty items)
・Accessories not included in the primary distribution channel, such as authenticity certificates, certification tags.
*For more information, please check the Guidelines for listing items for sale page.

【Shoelaces, keychains and similar】
Shoelaces and keychains (including ball chains) are all handled as required accessories for brand-new items.
Please note that even if the bag in which the accessories were included into has been discarded or has been removed from the sneaker itself, the item may still be listed as new.
If any of the above accessories are missing, please list the item in the “Used” category.

【Tissue paper】
Regarding sneakers, they can be listed as brand-new even if they are missing plain tissue papers, since they are not handled as accessories.
Conversely, in the case of special tissue papers with designs printed on them, they are handled as necessary accessories when listing an item as brand-new, so please list your item as “used” should such tissue papers be missing.

【Shoe Trees】
Paper shoe trees are not handled as accessories and may be included or not when listing an item as brand-new.
On the other hand, plastic shoe trees are handled as necessary accessories when an item is listed as brand-new, so please list your item as “used” should such shoe trees be missing.

【Required accessories】
・Accessories that can be confirmed from the listing information *Including delivery slips, receipts, etc.

【Not required if not mentioned in the listing information details】
・Equipment used to take the pictures included in the listing page (commercial shoe keepers, storage bags, insect repellents, etc.)
*Required if mention of such items is present in the supplementary description, accessories, and comments

【Not required regardless of the listing information details】
・Imitation special laces with printed designs
・Fixtures that are not included at the time of primary distribution, such as authenticity certifications and similar.
*For more information, please check the Guidelines for listing items for sale page.

【Special laces with printed designs】
For items that come with “printed shoelaces”, such as Off-White sneakers, it is prohibited to list them with imitation shoelaces.
If the shoelaces have been exchanged for imitation items, we will inform the buyer that the laces will be discarded and confirm their intention to continue the transaction.
If the transaction is cancelled, the item will be returned to the seller by cash on delivery.

About quality
Minor stains and scratches, which can occur at the time of manufacturing, are often found in the products handled by authorized dealers, and as such items that present such conditions are considered by SNKRDUNK to be within quality standards for all available listing methods.
However, should the damage be extensive enough to detract from the design of the item itself, such condition will be considered to be outside our standards for brand-new items, so we ask that you choose the appropriate listing method based on the condition of the item.

In addition, for more details about item quality, please check the links below.

Some sneaker models are authenticated by removing the insole using a special device.
Please note that minor fraying may occur when removing the insole.

Since the removal of the insole is also performed in general authenticity appraisal, and since this causes minor fluffing in such situations as well, we do not report to our customers regarding the removal of the insole.
*In the unlikely event that damage is caused during the insoles removal process by SNKRDUNK, we will cancel the transaction and compensate the seller for the price of the product (sales proceeds)

【Yellowing due to aging】
Items that have been been manufactured and have been on the market for more than 5 years may presenting yellowing due to aging.
Items that present minor yellowing or color migration that may have occurred due to long-term storage can be listed as brand-new.

Items that present intense yellowing, or with a difference in the degree of yellowing on the left and right sides, are considered to be outside our standards for brand-new items and cannot be listed as brand-new.
On the other hand, since you can choose to list such items in the used item category instead, please include in the listing information an indication of the extent and degree of yellowing at the time of listing.

【Shoe crumbling (hydrolisis) due to aging】
Items that have been been manufactured and have been on the market for more than 5 years have a high possibility of presenting shoe crumbling (hydrolysis) due to aging.
Please also note that since the presence of shoe crumbling (hydrolysis) can only be confirmed when the item is worn, SNKRDUNK considers this to be a point that is not subject to inspection.

However, items that are visibly deteriorated or have multiple signs of age-related damage cannot be listed as new, so please be sure to check the condition of the item before listing the item as brand-new.
If you choose to list such items in the used item category, please include details about the item's condition in the listing information.

【Non-standard items】
Items that were deemed as non-standard by the manufacturer will have a “B” stamp on their inner size tags: “B”
Please list items that fall under this description as “Used”.
In addition, please make sure that the presence of the engraving or stamp is made clear by adding this detail to the listing information.
*”B” = B grade item

【About items contained in bags】
Items that contained in bags instead of boxes, as long as the item itself is new and unused, can be listed even if the aforementioned bag has already been opened.
However, if you list an item that is still within its unopened packaging, SNKRDUNK will open the bag to check the product itself during the authentication process. Please understand this in advance.
In addition, if the item’s bag has been opened and the actual item we receive is different from the listed item, we will confirm with the buyer whether or not they wish to continue the transaction.

【Custom items】
Custom items that have been painted or have had parts replaced should be listed as used items.
In addition, please be sure to mention that the item is a custom product in the supplemental description.
*Repainting for repair purposes is also considered to be within the scope of customizing
*Custom items may not meet the specified authentication standards and the transaction may be cancelled (will not be able to be authenticated)
*Designs that may infringe trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights cannot be listed for sale, even if they are part of a custom design

Prohibited Items
The following items cannot be submitted for listing.

・Items that are suspected of being replicas
・Item from brands that are not registered on SNKRDUNK
・Store bags, store stickers and patches (including accessories)
・Custom products that may infringe on trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights
・Item with autographs or handwritten illustrations on them
・Novelty goods and other not-for-sale items
・Items purchased at a Nike Employee Store (EMPLOYEE STORE, ES)
・Items with "vAn" stamped on the size description part
・Items with missing size and quality tags
・Items with markings and stamp marks on the sneakers themselves that are not confirmed at the primary distribution stage

・Items that have been worn (excluding test fitting in the store at the time of purchase).
・Items with stains/damages/deformations/discolorations that are different from the individual differences
・Items with boxes that present excessive crushing or tearing
・Items with missing accessories
・Items with excessive wrinkling, pilling, etc.
・Items with strong odors (e.g. cigarette smoke, perfume, mothballs, etc.) that are different from the item's original smell at the time of primary distribution
・Items that have a "B" stamp on their size notation area
・Items that cannot be confirmed to be functioning
・RTFKT×NIKE collaboration items.

Disruptive and Prohibited Behaviors
SNKRDUNK is committed to eliminating the distribution of counterfeit products.
A violation fee (50% of the total sales price) will be charged for highly malicious sales, such as items that are judged to be counterfeit or items that have been previously identified as counterfeit (or banned) and then re-listed.

In addition, we consider as disruptive any behavior that interferes with other customers' use of the site, such as listing items that are different from those on the product page in the used section.

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