Damaged Box Guideline

Damaged Box Guideline

We consider minor damage or stains to boxes that occur during domestic transportation or storage to be within the standards of a "新品" (new)" item.

If a box of a "新品" (new) item is found to be severely damaged or stained, we will inform the buyer of the condition of the box and confirm whether or not he/she wants to continue the transaction.

Please note that the transaction may be canceled depending on the buyer's decision. Please also note that in the "中古" (Used) section, we ask sellers to submit pictures of the item, including the box, at the time of the listing. Doing so will allow us to match a buyer who has agreed to the condition of the item. If you prefer, please consider listing your items in the "中古" (Used) section.

Please refer to the following for details on damage standards.

【OK】Within Authentication Standards
Small tears at the four corners of the box.

Small tears at both corners along one side of the box.

Minor dents on four corners of the box.

Minor dents and wrinkles on the box surface.

Small holes or cuts on the box surface.

Minor scratches on box surface.

Yellowing on tags.

Minor peeling of the tag.

Minor damage to the box.

Minor stains on the box.

Single corner damage of the box lid.

Minor lid rip of the box.

Light dents in the clear box.

Small tear on the side of the clear box.

Small tear on the corner of the clear box.

Small stains on the clear box.

*Please note that items that meet more than one of the above conditions may be considered as not meeting the authentication standards.

【NG】Not meeting Authentication Standards
Two or more large tears at the four corners of the box.

Two or more large dents in the four corners of the box.

One of the four corners of the box is completely torn.

Large crush/tear on box surface.

Boxes have areas that have been modified (e.g. tape or glue).

Stains on the box.

Water damage on the box.

Graffiti or written marks on the box.

Large peeling on the surface of the box.

The delivery slip is attached directly to the box.
*Please note that items such as Space Hippie (NIKE), which have a delivery slip or other item attached directly to the box from the manufacturer's shipment, will be considered within the authentication standards.

Large visible dents on the box surface.

Box shows heavy tanning/fading.
*Boxes that appear to have deteriorated over time will be checked with the purchaser.

Box is reinforced with tape/glue.

The sides of the clear box are heavily damaged/cracked.

Clear box corners are heavily cracked in line with the box.

Clear box corners are heavily cracked.

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